What They’re Saying

Making the world a more natural place

“They changed my life for the better, over and over again.”

The things we do best


"They where available throughout the whole process."

Creating relationships

"Natural Switch became more like my friend than my coach"


"I never thought in a million years i would swap my sweets for kale"

Creating Culture

"I switched, my sister switched, now my dad's even giving it a go"


Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our clients think.

"They really care about me as a person. They showed me how to make herbal tinctures for my insomnia and taught me smoothie recipes that i use every day now. I've been able to replace every toxic product in my house with a natural alternative, for half the price. A really great program thats changed my life for the better. Thanks again for everything."
Derek - 32
North London
"After a decline in my health i was really desperate for a way to change my life. Natural Switch talked me through the process bit by bit and created a 'get well sooner' plan just for me. Following this program and being involved in the family has been one of the most life changing experiences of my life."
Richard - 22
"Looking back, i don't know how i lived the way i did. I feel clearer, happier and know a lot more about whats best for my body. The products on their shop are amazing too. I've even replaced all my creams. I had no idea that there is a natural substitute for almost everything. A great experience i would highly recommend."
Lucy - 27